For a baby, learning to walk is already quite a task.  Make it easier for your little baby boy or girl by protecting their teeny tiny feet in leather, soft soled shoes.

Babies need to feel the ground when learning to walk, they do this by essentially extending and gripping their toes on the floor.  With hard soled shoes this action is hindered, thus impairing their stability (they already stubble enough on their own) and hindering the proper support they need for their growing foot bones and ankles. It is recommended that babies up until 2 years of age wear only soft sole baby shoes, from there on, their feet and bones are a lot stronger and they can run and play in the harder soled shoes.

Whoopsie Daisy’s range of baby shoes all have 100% natural leather (non-slip) which are essential for babies growing feet. 

Whoopsie Daisy is owned by Cara-lee Keane. Her gorgeous baby boy, Greyden (or better known as Grey-Grey) loves to run around like a mad chicken screaming "book mommy" ; "bike mommy" or "draw mommy". Cara got the inspiration to start Whoopsie Daisy by spending many a long, tiresome night trolling the internet for ideas to keep herself and Grey-Grey busy. Always up for a challenge, she started sewing a few items here and there. Grey would show off his mommies creations proudly, and thus started the locally based, handmade Whoopsie Daisy baby shoes.

A big thanks to iTinkSew for some of the wonderful ideas and creations.